Areas of Practice

Our areas of expertise

Areas of Practice

Family Law

We analyze each case individually and take the approach that best serves the interests of our clients be it Arbitration, Mediation, Collaboration or Litigation.

Federal Court Matters

Judicial Reviews and Appeals

The Federal Court of Canada hears and decides on disputes arising under the federal jurisdiction. Citizenship and Immigration matters are dealt with as matters of Judicial Review under the Federal Court. In order to be granted  permission to have your matter heard through a Judicial Review proceeding, you must file an Application for Leave and Judicial Review.

Immigration Law

Our Firm can assist in the following immigration applications:

  1. Citizenship Applications
  2. Permanent Residency Applications & Renewals
  3. Work Permits
  4. Student Visas
  5. Temporary Resident Permits/Visas
  6. Spousal Sponsorships

Contact our team at 905-281-8600 and we will be happy to assist you.

Notarial Services

Kayani Law Firm provides Notary Public Services in Mississauga which include:

      *  Commissioning of Affidavits

      *  Notarization of Documents

      *  Commissioner of Oath Services for Statutory Declarations

      *  Consent Letter to Travel

      *  Invitation Letter for Visit Visas

      *  Certification of Originals

     *  Powers of Attorney for Property

     *  Powers of Attorney for Personal Care


Real Estate

Whether you are buying your first home or upgrading to a new home, we are here to facilitate you and ensure that your transaction is completed smoothly. KAYANI LAW FIRM is a well established law firm with its office in Mississauga. We have over 10 years of experience in the purchase and sale of homes and businesses. We have handled residential, commercial and industrial purchases, sales and financing transactions and we strive to ensure unproblematic completion of all transactions. Whether you are a business or an individual, we exercise the highest legal and professional standards.

Wills & Estates

Have you created a Will ?

Your Story, Your Legacy: Preserve Your Wealth and Protect Your Loved Ones with a Will.
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Shariah Will
is fully compliant with Islamic law and domestic laws